resident artists

Double Edge Theatre
Republic of Dreams
The Charlestown Working Theater's Resident Artists Program was established in 1997 to create the opportunity and environment for area theatre artists to develop, rehearse, and perform creative theatre productions, teach workshops, and engage with our community.

Today, the Resident Artists Program is a curated performance and workshop series featuring the dynamic work of local, national, and international theatre companies and artists.

Past and current artists and companies include:

Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)
Mabou Mines (NY, NY)
Theatre Kranevit (Berlin, Germany)
Great Small Works (NY, NY
Zuppa Circus (Halifax, NS)
Grupo Jícara Teatro (Buenos Aires)
Beau Jest Moving Theatre (Boston)
Theatre on Fire (Boston)
Jola Cynkutis and Khalid Tyabji (Poland)
2013 - 2014 Season
Coming soon
Far Away
Whistler in the Dark
April 3 - 20, 2014
Annual Comedy Fundraiser
Hosted by Tony V.
June 6, 2014
Apt. 4D
Beau Jest Moving Theatre
June 12 - 21, 2014
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