Presented by Theatre on Fire

By Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Directed by Darren Evans

For the 25th Anniversary of its original broadcast, Theatre on Fire presents the entire final season of this comedy classic - live on stage!

We're reuniting the cast and crew from Season 6's smash hit Blackadder II: Live! to bring you to the trenches of WWI, where our hero Blackadder is once again devising cunning plans to avoid getting killed, this time by the Germans in No Man's Land.

Hilarious, snarky, occasionally poignant, and with a dash of cross-dressing, the show brings the return of all your favorites: Baldrick, Melchett, George, Flash, a girl called Bob, and more.


Craig Houk as Blackadder
Chris Wagner as Baldrick
Christopher Sherwood Davis as George
Michael Steven Costello as Melchett
John Geoffrion as Darling
Chelsea Schmidt as Bob (and more!)
Jason Beals as Flashheart (and more!)
Terrence Haddad as Baron Richtoven (and more!)
Terry Torres as Brigadier Smith (and more!)

We are presenting Blackadder Goes Forth: Live! in two parts, cunningly labeled Part One and Part Two. You can get tickets to either or both parts, see them on separate dates, or take advantage of our weekend Double Features. Feel free to watch them in any order - it's all good! And for the true Blackadder Superfan: if you buy tickets to both parts together, you save $10. Awesome, I know.

Part One features the episodes "Captain Cook," "Corporal Punishment," and "Major Star."
Part Two features the episodes "Private Plane," "General Hospital," and "Goodbyeee."

Saturday, April 26 @ 8pm: Part One
Sunday, April 27 @ 3pm: Part Two

Wednesday, April 30 @ 8pm: Part One
Thursday, May 1 @ 8pm: Part Two
Friday, May 2 @ 8pm: Part One
Saturday, May 3 @ 7pm: Part One
Saturday, May 3 @ 9pm: Part Two
Sunday, May 4 @ 3pm: Part One
Sunday, May 4 @ 5pm: Part Two

Wednesday, May 7 @ 8pm: Part Two
Thursday, May 8 @ 8pm: Part One
Friday, May 9 @ 8pm: Part Two
Saturday, May 10 @ 7pm: Part One
Saturday, May 10 @ 9pm: Part Two
Sunday, May 11 @ 3pm: Part One
Sunday, May 11 @ 5pm: Part Two

Buy Tickets to Part One!

Buy Tickets to Part Two!

Blackadder Superfan!
Buy Tickets to Both Parts

For more information visit Theatre on Fire.
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